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Who Are we?

We are Fisherman Out of Ireland, a small knitting company based in Kilcar, County Donegal.

As Irish brands go, Fisherman Out of Ireland is right up there with Barry’s Tea and Kerrygold. Our knitwear label was founded in 1991 by the Blarney Woollen Mills company which is an Irish owned family busines. Fisherman is managed by Dubliner Des Daly, also referred to as our ‘Captain’, he has lived all his working life in Donegal working in the knitwear industry.
We are a crew of 26 loyal, local people. The average length of employment a staff member has worked with us is 20+ years so you can’t pull the wool over our eyes!

We might be situated on the edge of Europe in the middle of ‘nowhere’ but we export 70% of everything we make to the four corners of the globe.

Made in Donegal

The village of Kilcar, home to Fisherman Out of Ireland, is located in a beautiful part of southwest Donegal, between the majestic sea cliffs of Bunglas (the highest in Europe) and Ireland’s largest fishing Port–Killybegs. It’s from here we take our inspiration to create our authentic knitwear. If you would like to see more of Fisherman Out of Ireland why not take a trip along the increasingly popular Wild Atlantic Way and pop into our showroom and factory to see where it all begins.

100% Natural Fibres

It is perhaps the fabric, and its incredible quality, that makes Fisherman Out of Ireland really special. We work with luxury yarns that are 100% natural, spun by Donegal Yarns, located beside us in Kilcar. Yarns such as merino wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, all produced in new and beautiful colours every season. With our simple yet intent focus on quality, our knits exude high-end luxury and guarantee comfortable and easy wear for years to come. All the beauty of the inspirational Donegal landscape wrapped around you in warm, natural style. Watch our 2016 Collection video below just click to play. Enjoy!

  • Fisherman out of Ireland 2016
    • Fisherman out of Ireland 2016

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Enough has been said and written about the origins of the Irish Aran sweater and what the various stitches were said to represent. What separates our knitwear from the pack is that when you purchase one of our pieces you’ll find all the authenticity of an Irish inspired sweater, made in Ireland, with a modern fit and yarns that you can wear next to your skin. What’s not to like?